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Turn Ons

Salt shakers, processed foods, smoking and drinking, weight gain

Turn Offs

Low-fat, low-salt diets, working out, losing weight, relaxation

I’m a Pressure Cooker

Meet Ten-Shun

Sometimes, I have had a long history with your family and they’ll warn you about me. But usually, I’m sneaky and sly and strike without warning. I take it slow, but I take no prisoners – my first move may be a heart attack or stroke. My silence is my most attractive feature – most people think they can ignore me. I lull them into a false sense of security until it’s too late. That’s why they call me the Silent Killer. I’ll get to you eventually – I’m the leading risk for death in the world and by the time you’re 65, chances are we’ll be intimately acquainted. We’ll have fun as I surprise you with strokes, heart attacks and kidney failure. I also dabble in dementia and sexual problems.

How to Break Up with Ten-Shun

Ten-Shun builds up gradually and becomes a problem the older you get, so the best way to break up with Ten-Shun is to catch her early. Your doctor knows how to find her – a simple blood pressure check. The more active you are, the less likely tension will be a problem. Restrict your sodium intake and lose weight and you’ll get rid of her fast. Make sure to avoid the bad stuff like cigarettes and too much alcohol. Your doctor may also prescribe medications to keep Ten-Shun under wraps.