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Turn Ons

Excess weight, couch potatoes, African and Asian Canadians, sugar, sugar, more sugar!

Turn Offs

Healthy, balanced diets, regular exercise, glucose monitors

I’m Sickeningly Sweet

Sweetu At Your Service

I’m the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet. I really like people with a little extra around the middle. The bigger the waistline, the more attracted to you I am! I’m also attracted to African and Asian Canadians. I’m really, really high maintenance, but I’ll capture your heart (and give you heart disease)! I’ve made people blind with love. I’ve given them kidney problems and gotten on their nerves, and even made things challenging in the bedroom! But, I’m really a sweetie at heart.

Breaking Up with Sweetu

A simple fasting sugar test, ordered by your doctor, will tell you if you and Sweetu are an item. Unfortunately, there’s no breaking up with her, but there are lots of ways to reduce sugar intake and keep her from causing you harm. Eating a healthy diet and monitoring your blood sugar is critical to managing Sweetu’s effects. Exercise and drinking alcohol only in moderation will also help. Your doctor may also prescribe medications to keep your relationship with Sweetu long distance.