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Turn Ons

Taking on too much, trying to do it all, commutes and overtime, financial woes, family “dynamics”

Turn Offs

Meditation, relaxation, taking time for yourself, work-life balance, saying “no”

I’m a Whirlwind of Passion

Falling for Stressa

You know that lovin’ feeling? Your heart pounding in your chest, muscles tense, your breath coming faster and every sense on Red Alert? I have that effect on people. I like it when you take on too much and over-program your daytimer. And please, keep trying to solve the world’s problems and internalizing your anger.

Usually, I’ll encourage bad habits like drinking or smoking, which only makes my hold on you stronger. If we get really serious, I’ll increase your risk of heart disease and stroke. I’ll elevate your blood pressure and cholesterol and I might even give you a heart attack!

How to Break Up with Stressa

It’s a hectic world out there and Stressa seems inevitable, but she doesn’t have to be. To break up with her, the first step is identifying your sources of stress. Share your feelings with friends, family or a good therapist and use problem-solving techniques to determine workable solutions in your life. Be physically active, exercise is a great Stressa-buster and has a lot of other health benefits, too. Take time for yourself and learn how to say “no” to stress. Eat regularly and choose healthy foods. Enjoy the good things in life, especially laughter and vacations, and Stressa won’t keep knocking on your door.