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Sir Girth-A-Lot

Turn Ons

FOOOOOOOD, all-you-can-eat buffets, watching TV, elastic waistbands

Turn Offs

Healthy, balanced diets, lots of fruits and veggies, exercise, walking to work

I’m Tons of Fun

Flirting with Girth

I’m in shape. Round is a shape. Right? I’ve gotta tell you – I’m a pretty popular guy. And why not? I’m all about eating and relaxing. I’m a whole lot of man, almost double the man I need to be! We might have been genetically star-crossed, but I doubt it. Most likely, you just ate more than you burned and I turned up at your door. I just want you to be happy…by eating high-fat foods and leading a gloriously sedentary lifestyle. The bigger you get, the harder your heart has to work and the more I bring good things like high blood pressure and high cholesterol into your life.

How to Break Up with Sir Girth-A-Lot

Breaking up with Girth is simple: lose weight. Easier said than done, right? Maybe. But if you set realistic goals and get emotional support, you’re well on your way. The key to Girth-loss is healthy eating and regular exercise. There will be many benefits along the way – the health benefits start by losing just 10 pounds! To find out whether you need to lose weight and start the break-up process, calculate your Body Mass Index.