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Nic Coffin

Turn Ons

Smelly clothes, bad breath, yellow fingers, hacking coughs, poisonous chemical cocktails

Turn Offs

A desire to be healthy and energetic, exercise, fresh air, long life

Smokin’ Hot and Deadly

Say Hello to Nic

First of all, I’m highly addictive. You should know that about me… just a few dates and you’re mine for a long time. I’ll make you think you’re cool, but I’m a bad boy. I’ll make you cough and smell bad. Everyone will know we are close. I’ll serve you a wicked cocktail of carbon monoxide (car exhaust), arsenic (rat poison), ammonia (window cleaner), acetone (nail polish remover), hydrogen cyanide (gas chamber poison) and formaldehyde (used as embalming fluid…how appropriate). I love it when you blow second-hand smoke at everyone around you, putting their heath at risk too. I kill 37,000 Canadians every year and make hundreds of thousands sick. Sure, you think I’m cool now, but in the end, you’ll wish you never met me.

How to Break Up with Nic Coffin

Breaking with Nic is tough – you may need to try several times. He’s that powerful. But, thankfully there are a whole host of supports available to help you quit smoking and break the Nic habit. Check out AlbertaQuits.ca, an online smoking cessation community with free programs and support galore. There are also medications and complementary therapies to help quit smoking. It’s worth it – you’ll have more energy to do the things you love, pay lower life insurance premiums, and cough up less taxes. Not to mention having an extra $3000 a year!