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Turn Ons

Expansive waistlines, eating fatty meat and dairy products, deep-fried food, men over 40 and women over 50, saturated and trans fat

Turn Offs

Fish high in omega-3s, low fat poultry and dairy, exercise, fresh fruits and vegetables

I’m Finger-Licking Good


Maybe your parents introduced us with a family history of high cholesterol. But we probably met at the drive-through or the steak house, while you were eating lots of saturated fat in portions big enough for a gorilla. I’m like that juicy steak and that delicious burger. Greasy, sure, but difficult to resist. And once we get close, I’m very hard to get rid of. I’ll go straight to your heart, lining your arteries with plaque and making them nice and narrow. That’ll make it tough for your circulation, so expect circulatory problems, heart disease and stroke if you want to hang out with me.

Breaking up with Greasanova

Greasanova is easy to fall for, lurking in rich and decadent foods. But, breaking up doesn’t have to be hard to do. First, ask your doctor for a full fasting cholesterol profile to determine your Greasanova levels. Then, get ready to change your life. A healthy lifestyle including regular exercise and a diet low in saturated and trans fats is the key to keeping Greasanova and his high cholesterol at bay. Learn about appropriate portion sizes and limit your alcohol intake too – Greasanova loves to hang out at buffets and bars. Your doctor may also prescribe some medications to help manage that greasy Heartbreaker.