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Echocardiogram (Ultrasound)

A test that uses ultrasound waves to assess the structure and function of the heart, by moving the transducer over your chest.

An echocardiogram uses ultrasound waves to assess the heart. A technician places a probe, called a transducer, at various locations on the chest and directs sound waves toward the heart that “bounce back” and create a picture on the monitor. This picture is then recorded for analysis by a cardiologist. The recording shows the heart muscle, valves and the passage of blood through the heart. The entire procedure takes between 30 minutes to an hour to complete.You will lie on a bed during the test. A gel is applied to your chest to provide improved transmission of the ultrasound waves. The transducer will be moved over your chest to look at various portions of your heart. You will experience no pain, but often the transducer is pressed firmly against the chest wall and you may feel some pressure or tenderness.

This test is administered at the Total Cardiology Cardio Diagnostics Centre located at #110, 2891 Sunridge Way, NE Calgary AB.
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