Timely access to affordable community-based iron infusions


Timely access to affordable community-based iron infusions

Introducing C-infuse: Calgary’s Newest Accessible and Affordable Infusion Clinic

C-health is now offering IV iron infusion therapy through our C-infuse program designed with accessibility and affordability at its core. Our clinic offers both Monoferric and Venofer iron infusions, providing physicians with the flexibility to choose their preferred infusion effortlessly with our simple requisition form.

Getting started is simple – just fax in a completed requisition form along with recent lab work and relevant patient history. Referring physicians can select their preferred iron infusion, or if there’s no specific preference, a licensed prescribing pharmacist from Calgary Co-op HUB, our trusted pharmacy partner, will review and recommend the best option ensuring optimal patient care.

At C-infuse, patient convenience is paramount. Appointments have swift turnaround times, ensuring minimal disruption to day-to-day life.

Our services are designed to be affordable. Infusion appointments cost $150 per visit plus the cost of medication. Patients may have full or partial coverage through their benefits plan.

Experience the difference with C-infuse – where accessibility, affordability, and exceptional care converge.

Infusion Clinic Details

Cost: $150 per infusion visit plus the cost of medication.

The C-infuse program is run within the C-era Clinic.

Referral Form: Click Here

Appointment Length: ~2.5 hours

Before Your Infusion Appointment

Step 1: Your physician will fill out our requisition form and also give you have form to have bloodwork done.

Step 2: Use the form from your doctor to have your bloodwork completed.

Step 3: You will receive a call from our team to book your infusion appointment.

Step 4: Pick up your iron prescription and bring it to the C-era clinic.

Your Infusion Appointment

After checking in at our front desk, you’ll be prepared for your infusion and have IV access started. The iron infusion process typically lasts 1 hour and 45 min.

Following your infusion, you will be monitored for 30-minutes by a healthcare professional. Bring a book or listen to your favourite podcast, and ensure that you pay for parking ahead of time.