Welcome to C-era

We are leaders in the rapid assessment of cardiovascular risk factors and identifying atherosclerosis. Our multidisciplinary team approach provides our patients with efficient access to cardiometabolic testing services and world class support on their journey with heart disease.

Why Choose C-era?

 C-era is committed to leadership in our communities, and across Alberta, to enhance specialist care access and integration with family doctors and the wider healthcare system.

C-era’s Vision

To reduce the burden of cardiometabolic disease through high-quality, timely, and efficient evaluation and management of heart disease and its risk factors.
Our vision is to become the premier provider of timely, non-invasive outpatient cardiometabolic risk assessment and intervention for Albertans. We believe in rapid assessment and a high standard of patient care. Our mandate is identification of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and intensive management of risk factors for heart disease and stroke.

C-era’s Mission
Patient Care: 

  • Access: To provide timely access to consultations, diagnostics, and intervention for patients with cardiometabolic concerns.
  • Quality: To practice evidence-based care and to identify and prevent cardiometabolic disease and its risk factors.
  • Sustainability: To offer patients integrated care, through leveraging community resources in an efficient and patient-centric manner.

System Enhancement:

  • Access: To help create and improve system resources to enhance access to specialized cardiometabolic resources.
  • Quality: To enhance the knowledge and skills of healthcare providers that manage cardio metabolic disease and its risk factors.
  • Sustainability: To develop an integrated network of resources to support cardiometabolic care in Alberta.


  • Access: To enhance access to innovative technology that can help improve cardiometabolic care and minimize complications.
  • Quality: To engage in the creation of new knowledge through research projects and clinical trials.
  • Sustainability: To facilitate networking and collaboration among innovators in Alberta and beyond.